2011 USCHO Posters' Game
St. Paul, Minnesota
Saturday, April 9th

Approximate Start Time is 12:00 Noon

OK, your team just qualified for the Frozen Four. Your travel plans are almost in place. Why not complete your itinerary by playing in the 2011 Posters' Game?

This will be the 10th Annual Game. We play recreational, no-check hockey. All ability levels are welcome. For example, if you played intramural hockey at any level (including beginner) you'll fit in just fine. Granted, elite-level players may become bored with our ordinariness. But everyone else will have a great time.

Note that helmets are required. Hockey gloves, elbow pads and shin pads are very strongly recommended, if only because other players will assume you have these items and play accordingly. Breezers and shoulder pads are a good idea, but are optional.


To register for the game, please e-mail the following information to bostonewe@gmail.com:

1. Screen Name
2. Real Name
3. E-Mail Address
4. T-Shirt Size
5. Hockey Position
6. Favorite Team(s)
7. Status: Definite, Probable or Possible.

For Further Information, Please See the Thread in the USCHO Cafe:

More Players Wanted!