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Thread: Manhattanville Valiants 2010-11

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    Manhattanville Valiants 2010-11

    Just saw the Manhattanville schedule for this year great to see Coach Lang get Trinity, Utica and Plattsburgh to head to southern N.Y..... Also looks like his team will be filled with newcomers from Michigan.

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    Re: Manhattanville Valiants 2010-11

    Team was young last year looks like they return everybody. Pretty talented team that beat Elmira,Thumped Norwich 2x,Lost in OT to Plattsburgh. Could be a sleeper team this season. Conference has 3 or 4 teams that could contend for the tittle. I do know the Pizzuto recruit from the Polar Bears last year was a legit D1 player. So thats a good a start. Don't know much about the Michigan kids.

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