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Thread: so...AK/UAA...COVID-19

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    One has to wonder that if this COVID-19 thing continues into fall, will AK and UAA be able to play...Alaska Airlines has cancelled 70 per cent of their flights...will seats be available...will the other eight want to even want to come to Alaska...Alaska budget will go to citizens and business to keep afloat. University budgets will be slashed AGAIN...more on-line instruction....Athletics could very much in jeopardy....

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    Re: so...AK/UAA...COVID-19

    If COVID-19 continues into the fall...nobody is playing.
    On the bright side…Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly to Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland.
    Those guys didn't want to come to Alaska the last seven years either...nothing new there.
    It may all be through eSports...and the Seawolves will still suck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairbanks hockey puck View Post
    will the other eight want to even want to come to Alaska...

    And mmf is right, if this thing is still going on in the fall then nobody is playing.

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    Re: so...AK/UAA...COVID-19

    Yeah if this goes through the fall nobody will be playing. On the other, 25+ seats of guaranteed travel multiple times in the season? Alaska Airlines will bending over backwards for that money.

    Assuming they haven’t merged with American by that point.

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