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Just a little something off the path -The March 23rd issue of the National Enquirer (a well known reliable resource) page 47 has a 3/4 page article with pictures of the RPI Cross Country boys team and their desire for Chick-fil-A. It explains what they did to find the closest place to buy ( a kiosk inside an airport that required a valid ticket to access the food court). They ordered 15 chicken sandwiches, 15 large fries, 13 orders of chicken nuggets, one bag of cookies and one lemonade. The total tab came to $227.28 after buying a $98 one way ticket from Albany to Ft. Lauderdale. When asked they all insisted it was worth it.
Thanks to Jenny for finding this. Never underestimate the ingenuity of the RPI boys!!
If this were my cohorts back in the day we would have bought a refundable ticket for later in the day and then had it refunded.