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Thread: Question for members

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    Re: Question for members

    Quote Originally Posted by PSUChamps2001 View Post
    I spent 2+ hours scouting our next opponent for my sons travel team. I did have the Plattsburgh game up in the background, but have yet to go to a game and have only watched a handful. Mostly because my weekends are traveling 2-3 hours one way for hockey...and never when/where Plattsburgh is in town.

    While I somewhat agree with Fish on the "flamefest", just like with all social media its given a platform for a lot of people to give their "opinions", and while everyone is entitled to them, backing them up with facts and stats is something that most people dont grasp on here. Anyone can give an opinion, but if you dont substantiate it with facts and or stats it doesnt carry much yet those are the ones who normally feel entitled to post and cause flamefests. At least with Fish he can normally back his flamefests up with logical thoughts (for the most part right Fish). And while we may not agree, it will at least make you think. Then you get the snowflakes who dont like being told their opinion makes no sense, and because it's the internet they HAVE to be right...and if you tell them otherwise they will run away pouting kicking and screaming....sadly much like today's society....
    Good post, Champs, but we haven't had a haven't had a decent squabble for years, either...

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    Re: The death of the forum

    Quote Originally Posted by soccermaniac919 View Post
    It certainly doesn't help when the team you support sucks. Look at all the teams having "down" years, and the corresponding absence of threads dedicated to their teams. Seems that once your team goes into a funk, the posting momentum is lost forever.

    Also, and probably more influential, the number of posters whose sole intent is to create flame-fests and ridicule others' opinions. There are/were a bunch of them from Lake Forest, Utica, Plattsburgh, Norwich, Potsdam & Elmira who collectively drove a number of us off the board. For each new opinionated, combative poster that joined, a more rationale poster would leave.
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