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  • Stevens has an Ok resume. For that kind of money it would’ve been nice to get Hetherman back or Bobby Wilder

    Then again, 245k is probably still not much of a raise for Hetherman and Wilder made 650 his last year at ODU so.

    more than the rookie hockey coach is still garbage...
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  • Part of the reason Charlton started at 150k a year was he had no experience and was the youngest HC in the country.

    now Maine has to decide what’s next. Do they pay crap one of the current assistants and risk doing this again? Or do they give real money someone outside (the JMU d-coordinator...
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  • If youre looking at Hockey East standings the shootout wins are in a different column thats hidden on phone view, thats why the 1-6-1 record looks confusing
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  • Umass got close to .500 in Carvel’s second year….. second half next season I’ll want to see signs of momentum, playing the right way and things of that nature.

    Right now? Its pointless
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  • Yeah Maine FB’s had some tough luck in the QB injury dept the last couple years, beating UMass more times while UMass is in the FBS (2) than they did in the more recent CAA games is fun. Hope they can get the musket next week

    Far as Barr goes, he’s clearly the guy, no one with...
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