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not particularly bad
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  • I got a flat on my home from the grocery store. At least I have asparagus

    How did the blonde respond when asked how bad the flat tire was? "not so bad, it's only flat at the bottom"
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  • Scarlet,
    I hope you have an awesome trip and that your birthday party works out, despite planning for yourself. For my 40, I planned the party for myself, that way I knew it'd be something I liked.

    As for 4 am start time today....that's what happens in an ISO audit that has to audit...
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  • Good morning from Akron, OH. Left the house at 4:45 am to drive to our Akron plant. wheee

    today meeting started at 8, tomorrow, we start at 4 am. I'm going to need a lot of caffeine for the drive home tomorrow afternoon.
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  • wolverineTrumpet
    replied to Antiwork
    I applied for a job within my company that would be a step down for me. Currently I'm a quality manager, and this is a resident engineer position. I'm getting burnt out and I don't want to advance any further in quality. A lot of the appeal is the resident engineer is a hybrid position and I could...
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