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The List for Week of January 31, 2011

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  • The List for Week of January 31, 2011

    Super Bowl week, Anti-List!

    4 day week, Anti-List.

    Taking the rest of the family to the airport Friday for their vacation while I stay home and take care of the dog, List and Anti-List.

    Laptop giving me fits this weekend, List. I've had it for about 6 years now, so it hasn't been a bad run.

    Have a good week folks.
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    I don't think you're weird, just a completely worthless sack of monkey poo.
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    I am saying it right here. ajoyce is the HA guru.

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    Re: The List for Week of January 31, 2011

    The furnace dying on a sunday night without a hint of trouble before is seriously listed!


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      Re: The List for Week of January 31, 2011

      Packers in the Super Bowl: Anti-List

      Having a meeting with corporate execs: List

      Drinking excessively with said execs: Anti-List

      Having to do this drinking at a Minnesota Timberwolves game: Total F&*King List

      Being in a luxury suite and having the TWolves cheerleaders visit us during halftime: Definite Anti-List

      Driving back to Duluth with predicted F5esque hangover: Anti-List
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        Re: The List for Week of January 31, 2011

        My wife getting a month off from cancer treatments: Anti-List.

        My D-I-L starting early labor for our first grandchild: Anti-List.

        Booking our Toronto-Vancouver sleeping compartment for June: Anti-List.
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