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***********, Snapfish, Flicker, or...?

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  • ***********, Snapfish, Flicker, or...?

    I need to set up an account for kid sports photos for the hockey team and would like to carry it over in the summer for soccer. I don't mind paying for it (but not too much). There will likely be large numbers of files stored and multiple people uploading and downloading. Any wise opinions on my best choice for this? Any bad opinions?


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    Re: ***********, Snapfish, Flicker, or...?

    I have experience with a couple online photo sites, though not really for the purposes you describe. I started off with SmugMug which is meant more for people who want to sell their images as you can set up a store, etc. Most of my photos these days go to Flickr. I like the ease of it all, the ability to nest groups of photos (e.g. Nature > WI State Natural Areas > Bakken's Pond), and the social aspect of it (adding your photos to groups, people commenting, etc.). SmugMug has different levels of accounts but I believe all are more expensive than the paid Flickr account ($25/yr). I don't know if that even helps at all, but that's my experience.
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      Re: ***********, Snapfish, Flicker, or...?

      Thanks ice,
      Nesting groups will be useful to have "Peewee Green/Thanksgiving Tournament 2010" etc. And $25/yr is reasonable on my scale.


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        Re: ***********, Snapfish, Flicker, or...?

        I use Snapfish. Have been since last season hockey. I create group rooms and then upload albums. Send an invite which they can forward. Each sport has a different group room. Interested if you do Flickr how it works for you. I always tell people to let me send the link for the pics but people like to order prints and get them at Wal-mart etc. Right now I am loading the last of the pics from the XC season. I have 47 albums all together on that acct and the kids love it. Free. I guess there are some limits on pics but I have a yitload of pics on there. Probably at least >1000. No prob yet


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          Re: ***********, Snapfish, Flicker, or...?

          I don't know if anyone else can upload as I have never tried.