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Happy Birthday Jericho!

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  • Happy Birthday Jericho!

    I shall never forget

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    "It's as if the Drumpf Administration is made up of the worst and unfunny parts of the Cleveland Browns, Washington Generals, and the alien Mon-Stars from Space Jam."

    "Scenes in "Empire Strikes Back" that take place on the tundra planet Hoth were shot on the present-day site of Ralph Engelstad Arena."

    Of course I'm a fan of the Vikings. A sick and demented Masochist of a fan, but a fan none the less.
    -ScoobyDoo 12/17/2007

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    Re: Happy Birthday Jericho!

    Happy Birthday!

    Let's Go 'Tute!

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      Re: Happy Birthday Jericho!

      Happy Birthday Ed!
      R.I.P. NASC/MCLA Mohawks Hockey


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        Re: Happy Birthday Jericho!

        Happy Birthday, Jericho.
        Twitter: DanMountSports
        2013-14 DIII T.O.P. NIT Champion

        2010-2011 Interlock LPS Co-Champion

        Well, I'm going to do a farewell tour of upstate New York, hellholes like Plattsburgh. Fred Armisen as Gov. Paterson

        "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes." - The Doctor (Tom Baker)

        Team I Like NFL: BUF NBA: NYK MLB: SEA NHL: NYR College Hockey: Clarkson (DI) Oswego (D3) Soccer: USA, Man United, Rangers (newco and all), Scotland NCAAF & B: SU


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          Re: Happy Birthday Jericho!

          Happy Birthday Jericho!
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            Re: Happy Birthday Jericho!

            Thanks, everyone.
            Uncle Mickey: July 23, 1950-July 22, 2003

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              Re: Happy Birthday Jericho!

              Coming late tot he party- Happy Birthday!


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                Re: Happy Birthday Jericho!

                Hope you had a great birthday
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                Originally posted by SiouxTechie
                Good morning, Lodge. I thought the soap opera was cancelled due to lack of interest?

                (See what I did there?)
                Originally posted by GreatLakerMohawk
                All that petty whining from the boys and ST comes in and buries it.