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Annoying Commercials 2: Searching for the MUTE button

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  • Originally posted by Russell Jaslow View Post

    Didn't Walmart go through that phase of advertising?
    Yes. It ended about 2 weeks before Amazon’s ad campaign.
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    • Originally posted by St. Clown View Post

      Yes. It ended about 2 weeks before Amazon’s ad campaign.
      Probably hired the same ad agency. LOL
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      • Originally posted by FadeToBlack&Gold View Post
        These Amazon commercials that try to paint the company as an altruistic creator of opportunities for jobs, insurance benefits, and career advancement.
        "Pee in enough bottles and you too can be in charge!"
        Applejack Tells You How UAA Is Doing...
        I spell Failure with UAF

        Originally posted by UAFIceAngel
        But let's be real...There are 40 some other teams and only two alaskan teams...the day one of us wins something big will be the day I transfer to UAA
        Originally posted by Doyle Woody
        Best sign by a visting Seawolf fan Friday went to a young man who held up a piece of white poster board that read: "YOU CAN'T SPELL FAILURE WITHOUT UAF."


        • T-Mobile commercial with what I'm told are the guys from Suits.

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          Rover Frenchy, Classic! Great post.
          iwh30 I wish I could be as smart as you. I really do you are the man
          gregg729 I just saw your sig, you do love having people revel in your "intelligence."
          Ritt18 you are the perfect representation of your alma mater.
          Miss Thundercat That's it, you win.
          TBA#2 I want to kill you and dance in your blood.
          DisplacedCornellian Hahaha. Thread over. Frenchy wins.

          Test to see if I can add this.


          • The local ads for mortgage jobs at UWM are equally annoying given what I know about what it's like to actually work there (through word-of-mouth).