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    Hey folks!
    With the USA men playing their first game yesterday against Switzerland, thought I'd try to get some reactions.
    Jeremy Roenick and Mike Milbury were the "analysts-" and I do use that term loosely (as an Islanders/ BC fan, I'm not high on either of these guys).
    They seemed to be a bit down on the US performance, but my main thoughts are these:
    1) WIN- that's the #1 consideration here, and they did that by a couple goals.
    2) Beating the Swiss team, which a) boasts an NHL-caliber goaltender and a couple other NHL talents, and b) delivered some upset losses to major teams at Torino, is key to getting through this group in good standing.
    3) To win despite the travel, ply fatigue, and lack of time to gel is a very good thing, and on a related point;
    4) they showed the ability to play and win "ugly," meaning play North-South hockey, and just put pucks on the net. Talented players can be hesitant to play this way, but they adjusted to it nicely.

    All in all, I liked to see these things; sure, Miller will have to be a bit sharper against the tougher teams, and I have no delusions of grandeur based on this win, but I thought it was more of a "so far, so good" game, than the more pessimistic comments I heard out of (consider your source) Milbury/ Roenick.