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The Generic (not GOP) Nazi Thread -- while it's always them, it's not always Them

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  • The Generic (not GOP) Nazi Thread -- while it's always them, it's not always Them

    First up: busy little Nazis.

    After parents in a rural and staunchly conservative Wyoming county joined nationwide pressure on librarians to pull books they considered harmful to youngsters, the local library board obliged with new policies making such books a higher priority for removal — and keeping out of collections.

    But that’s not all the library board has done.

    Campbell County also withdrew from the American Library Association, in what’s become a movement against the professional organization that has fought against book bans.

    This summer, the state libraries in Montana, Missouri and Texas and the local library in Midland, Texas, announced they’re leaving the ALA, with possibly more to come. Right-wing lawmakers in at least nine other states — Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming — demand similar action.
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    As of 9/21/10:         As of 9/13/10:
    College Hockey 6       College Football 0
    BTHC 4                 WCHA FC:  1
    Originally posted by SanTropez
    May your paint thinner run dry and the fleas of a thousand camels infest your dead deer.
    Originally posted by bigblue_dl
    I don't even know how to classify magic vagina smoke babies..
    Originally posted by Kepler
    When the giraffes start building radio telescopes they can join too.
    He's probably going to be a superstar but that man has more baggage than North West


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      Today in Orlando:
      “Demolish the bridges behind you… then there is no choice but to build again.”

      Live Radio from 100.3


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        Originally posted by aparch View Post
        What a shame Covid-19 didn't kill all of them. Yes I wrote it. Yes I mean it. Nazis needed to die in World War 2, and they need to die in 2023.