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Biden gets Mexico to pay for the wall

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  • Biden gets Mexico to pay for the wall

    Well, a 'virtual' wall, anyway.

    Mexican President Andres Manuel L?pez Obrador agreed to spend $1.5 billion over the next two years to improve “smart” border technology during meetings Tuesday with President Joe Biden — a move the White House says shows neighborly cooperation succeeding where Trump administration vows to wall off the border and have Mexico pay for it could not.
    What kind of cheese are you planning to put on top?

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    Oh that has to sting...
    "It's as if the Drumpf Administration is made up of the worst and unfunny parts of the Cleveland Browns, Washington Generals, and the alien Mon-Stars from Space Jam."

    "Scenes in "Empire Strikes Back" that take place on the tundra planet Hoth were shot on the present-day site of Ralph Engelstad Arena."

    Of course I'm a fan of the Vikings. A sick and demented Masochist of a fan, but a fan none the less.
    -ScoobyDoo 12/17/2007


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      Forgive me for thinking that setting the bar on dumpy is a lot too low.