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MLB 2020: We'll Play Ball, I Guess.

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  • Originally posted by Kepler View Post
    God bless Canada.
    As of 9/21/10:         As of 9/13/10:
    College Hockey 6       College Football 0
    BTHC 4                 WCHA FC:  1
    Originally posted by SanTropez
    May your paint thinner run dry and the fleas of a thousand camels infest your dead deer.
    Originally posted by bigblue_dl
    I don't even know how to classify magic vagina smoke babies..
    Originally posted by Kepler
    When the giraffes start building radio telescopes they can join too.
    He's probably going to be a superstar but that man has more baggage than North West


    • Originally posted by dxmnkd316 View Post
      I saw an interesting proposal. Keep the DH for the starter but once that person leaves the game, DH goes away.

      It gives the best of both worlds. No need to run out a ****ty hitter every third inning and preserves the NL's double-switch, etc. moves we all love.
      The Atlantic League used this rule during the 2021 season. No idea if they are using it this season. They partner with MLB on some of these experimental rules and I think in at least one very recent season they banned shifts and required 2 infielders to be stationed on either side of the second base bag.

      As a purist, I will never be in favor of the DH, but since baseball should always have a few quirks to its personality I could live with the DH rule that they used in the Atlantic League. They called it the Double Hook rule.