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    Echoing Swansong- there is no downside to getting tested. If yo are positive then you know and can let others know. You could also call the local COVID hotline. I know ours does a great job answering questions.


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      I’m creating my own competition here, but you only live thrice, so...

      MN vaccine connector tool. Minnesotans only.
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        Originally posted by St. Clown View Post
        I’m creating my own competition here, but you only live thrice, so...

        MN vaccine connector tool. Minnesotans only.
        Haha. I signed up for that last night and started thinking the same thing. But then I emailed pretty much everyone I know to give them the link. I am still of the opinion that the sooner we get the vaccine into somebody, anybody, the better off we'll be.
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          Vanity Fair on who did it (if anyone).

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            I know I rely on Vanity Fair to supply me with my information. I think I will wait until it hits a legit medical journal instead of publishing cherry picked snippets.


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              The 4 free per household COVID Tests via the USPS


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                Smoking weed with the D-O-Double-G?
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