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Another Mass Shooting: It's Those Darn Video Games!

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  • Originally posted by Deutsche Gopher Fan View Post
    I am shocked that the guy who shot the cops yesterday had orders of protection against him by both his baby mamas
    Red Flag laws are working as designed.
    **NOTE: The misleading post above was brought to you by Reynold's Wrap and American Steeples, makers of Crosses.

    Originally Posted by dropthatpuck-Scooby's a lost cause.
    Originally Posted by First Time, Long Time-Always knew you were nothing but a troll.


    • If governance has no impact on gun usage can any of the MAGAs explain this pattern?

      State Gun Death Rate
      Mississippi 33.9
      Louisiana 29.1
      New Mexico 27.8
      Alabama 26.4
      Wyoming 26.1
      Alaska 25.2
      Montana 25.1
      Arkansas 23.3
      Missouri 23.2
      Tennessee 22.8
      South Carolina 22.4
      Oklahoma 21.2
      Kentucky 21.1
      Georgia 20.3
      Nevada 19.8
      Indiana 18.4
      Arizona 18.3
      Colorado 17.8
      Kansas 17.3
      North Carolina 17.3
      West Virginia 17.3
      North Dakota 16.8
      Delaware 16.6
      Ohio 16.5
      Idaho 16.3
      Illinois 16.1
      Texas 15.6
      Michigan 15.4
      Maryland 15.2
      Oregon 14.9
      Pennsylvania 14.8
      South Dakota 14.3
      Virginia 14.3
      Florida 14.1
      Utah 13.9
      Wisconsin 13.5
      Maine 12.6
      Vermont 11.9
      Iowa 11.2
      Washington 11.2
      Nebraska 10.3
      Minnesota 10
      California 9
      New Hampshire 8.3
      Connecticut 6.7
      Rhode Island 5.6
      New York 5.4
      New Jersey 5.2
      Hawaii 4.8
      Massachusetts 3.4


      • Originally posted by state of hockey View Post
        Saw their pictures. Those 27 year olds look like high schoolers. Very sad.

        I have a cousin whose husband is a police officer, he’s a good guy that’s on board with much stricter gun control. He’s seen some things and had people
        close to him hurt, as a result some trouble has popped up here and there and the department got him a therapist. I think he’s still on leave now, actually.
        A friend of mine married a Burnsville cop just this past December. One of the two cops killed was at their wedding, and the picture my friend posted of that cop was him resting his arms on the shoulders of a woman nursing a young baby. The relationship between the two wasn’t explicitly stated, but I assume that’s his wife/GF and his baby. That poor family.
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