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    Originally posted by dxmnkd316 View Post
    OH! And I just noticed that next year the TDF is finishing in Nice. Just insane to even consider it not finishing in Champs Elysees, much less not even in Paris. I never thought it was a possibility.
    Olympics I’m guessing.
    Applejack Tells You How UAA Is Doing...
    I spell Failure with UAF

    Originally posted by UAFIceAngel
    But let's be real...There are 40 some other teams and only two alaskan teams...the day one of us wins something big will be the day I transfer to UAA
    Originally posted by Doyle Woody
    Best sign by a visting Seawolf fan Friday went to a young man who held up a piece of white poster board that read: "YOU CAN'T SPELL FAILURE WITHOUT UAF."


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      Originally posted by Jimjamesak View Post
      Olympics I’m guessing.
      Yep. Still surprised regardless. It's always finished in Paris.
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      Originally posted by SanTropez
      May your paint thinner run dry and the fleas of a thousand camels infest your dead deer.
      Originally posted by bigblue_dl
      I don't even know how to classify magic vagina smoke babies..
      Originally posted by Kepler
      When the giraffes start building radio telescopes they can join too.
      He's probably going to be a superstar but that man has more baggage than North West


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        Originally posted by dxmnkd316 View Post
        Seems like a few more of the cycling fans are off the board now. Either way, TDF 2022 started this morning. INteresting to see it in Denmark. I haven't had a chance to really follow it as much the last few years but hoping to return to watching again this year.
        I think too that the lack of a US rider and the demise of the Olympic channel has stunted some of the casual fans from jumping in. I remember there was a time where they would be may be an abbreviated version of the stage on every evening I haven’t noticed that in some time…