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  • Pacquiao vs Broner

    Let's talk some boxing while you're drinking your coffee. I seriously don't believe Broner has a chance against Pacquiao.

    Before I watched these training and workout videos on Youtube, I believe Broner is the guy who can knock Pacquiao (the old version) out.

    After watching, all I can say is WOW for the Pacman. This guy is like 21 on these leg/footwork or whatever those exercises are.

    He is a senator, do a lot of crazy things in the Philippines (aside from boxing), and then for whatever reasons, still maintain this kind of body and motivation.

    Screw it. Broner is already done. We gotta see Pacman vs Mayweather 2 - not some silly Japanese guy.

    ref: Pacquiao vs Thurman Live Stream.

    Freddie Roach is back on Manny's corner. The eminent coach parts obligations with Buboy Fernandez, Pacquiao's long-term companion.

    After a short separation, Roach rejoined Pacquiao's corner for the session against Adrien Broner in January. Fernandez, in any case, was the person who worked the center for the success against Broner.

    The inside in-ring spot is regularly held for the head coach.

    For the camp against Keith Thurman, Roach said he's the one giving orders and will be in the center position come battle night. Thurman and Pacquiao will meet for a WBA welterweight title battle July 20 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

    "It will be co-mentor," Roach revealed to Wednesday about his official title. "I've generally been the head coach. I missed one battle and afterward (Pacquiao) inquired as to whether Buboy could work the center (for the Broner battle), yet I'm as yet the supervisor. I'm as yet the person who runs the preparation camp.

    "He's (Fernandez) never worked the center, so simply needed to give him some experience, yet since we're in a genuine intense battle this time I believe, I will be in the center."

    Pacquiao traveled to a consistent choice in a dreary battle against Broner. Group Pacquiao expects an a lot harder battle against Thurman, who holds the WBA belt and is a previous bound together titlist at 147 pounds.

    Fernandez was raised to head coach about two years back after Pacquiao fell in a dubious choice to Jeff Horn in Australia. Behind Fernandez's direction, Pacquiao recorded his first knockout success in nine years against Lucas Matthysse a year ago.

    "Manny Pacquiao has T-Rex arms," Thurman said. "I don't have a clue in the event that you've seen that, he has those little T-Rex arms. He experienced serious difficulties whipping Jeff Horn, and he supposes he's going to thump Keith Thurman."

    Insect didn't keep down against the junk talking Thurman amid Wednesday's news meeting at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

    "We will wreck you," Roach said at the platform while pointing at Thurman.

    Thurman said Pacquiao has gotten a great deal slower in the previous couple of years. Bug didn't concur.

    "Not the ideal style, however the thing is it's a decent style," Roach said about the matchup with Thurman. "He can punch, he can move a smidgen, however would he be able to stay aware of Manny Pacquiao? I don't think so. Manny has a ton of speed over him. He's a lot quicker with his footwork and his hand speed. We'll perceive how it goes."
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    Rover Frenchy, Classic! Great post.
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    Miss Thundercat That's it, you win.
    TBA#2 I want to kill you and dance in your blood.
    DisplacedCornellian Hahaha. Thread over. Frenchy wins.

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