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Can we go back to the prior format?

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  • Originally posted by Kepler View Post

    Don't wreck my fantasy. I've still never been with a Lake State girl.
    That's NMU.
    Jordan Kawaguchi for Hobey!!
    Originally posted by Quizmire
    mns, this is why i love you.

    Originally posted by Markt
    MNS - forking genius.

    Originally posted by asterisk hat
    MNS - sometimes you gotta answer your true calling. I think yours is being a pimp.

    Originally posted by hockeybando
    I am a fan of MNS.


    • For some reason, new posts for quite a few threads aren't showing up for me anymore. For example, the SCOTUS, States, and who knows how many others aren't showing up. I only noticed it because of the Last Post on this page currently shows the States thread:

      I can find the threads but only by searching for them.
      Anyone else have this issue?


      • Sometimes it triggers cause a blocked yahoo those threads are large and this craptastic board has an issue with that.

        I remember when they tried to convince us this was temporary...
        "It's as if the Drumpf Administration is made up of the worst and unfunny parts of the Cleveland Browns, Washington Generals, and the alien Mon-Stars from Space Jam."

        "Scenes in "Empire Strikes Back" that take place on the tundra planet Hoth were shot on the present-day site of Ralph Engelstad Arena."

        Of course I'm a fan of the Vikings. A sick and demented Masochist of a fan, but a fan none the less.
        -ScoobyDoo 12/17/2007