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Fitness 2019: You Gotta Do Your Own Work.

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  • Fitness 2019: You Gotta Do Your Own Work.

    January 1 again. Goals for this year aren't as much as previous years, but they're important.

    1. I realize that my weight will fluctuate throughout the course of the year. Right now, it ranges between 215-230. What I'd like to do is cut the range to 215-223.

    2. Be smart about endurance. This year, I have three marathons and the Michigan Titanium half-duathlon in front of me, and I really don't want to burn myself out again. That was no fun.

    3. Keep it fun and let that be my primary motivation. All the medals and t-shirts eventually end up in a box in a closet, garage, or storage facility.

    4. More consistent workouts. This has been an issue lately,

    5. Emphasize more quality protein (not double bacon cheeseburgers), more fiber, and more water. The holidays come and it seems like the emphasis shifts to treats and sugar bombs.

    6. On treat days, realize it would be better if I made a choice between the sugar bomb or the booze. Both just leave me feeling bloated.
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