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    Originally posted by CLS View Post
    What I typically do in a case like that is to put the sum in the top row. So, for example, in Excel, in cell A1, I enter


    where "n" is the largest number I will possibly use. If it's going to me a very large number (e.g. n=2000), I split the window, so row 1 and rows 1975 - 2000 are in the window.
    =sum(A:A) will sum the entire A column, and =sum(1:1) will sum all of row 1. Just make sure your formula is written in another column or row, otherwise you'll have created a circular reference.

    Another way to name a cell is highlight the portion of the screen that tells you current active cell - it's just to the left of the formula bar - and assign the name by typing it in there.
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