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Hey Massachusetts! Coakley or Brown?

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    Originally posted by Jon View Post
    Charles Manson is the only person who fits there.
    I love Glenn, but he lives where the buses don't run...
    There are some areas of Washington, DC where this is true.
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    • Re: Hey Massachusetts! Coakley or Brown?

      I rarely watch Fox and tune in to MSNBC even less frequently. However, I wanted to have a schadenfreude fix Tuesday night, so I alternated between the two.

      Fox provided more or less traditional election type coverage, including several Democrats, and discussed the implications of the Brown win. Now they were fairly busting their buttons of course, but they did, in fact, give both sides of the story.

      The same cannot be said of Olbermann and Maddow. Someone described Keith's performance as spittle flecked, and indeed it was. Boorish, insulting, and really quite juvenile--all dressed up with his trademark pomposity. Now I'm a big believer in choices and if that's what libs want to watch, who am I to say no. But I should think they'd really like some sort of analysis, not just ranting and personal attacks. I kept waiting for Maddow to envelope him in her big, hairy muscular arms.

      Maddow's contribution was to find fault with Brown's remarks about his daughters being "available." Seems a bit of a stretch to complain that he was pimping them out. It was awkward, even cringe inducing, but of no significance whatsoever. Ms. Maddow, however, evidently thought it was the story of the night.

      Fox ran both speeches by the candidates in their entirety (Brown's ran on too long), MSNBC did not. In fact, Olbermann went to a break and then came back, with a smart azz observation "is he still talking?"

      Oh yes, and Fox's ratings were SIX times higher than MSNBC's.

      The point here is that the president and all the little Obamas keep ragging on Fox as "not being a real news organization." Well, one of these two networks wasn't a real news organization Tuesday night, and it wasn't Fox.
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      • Re: Hey Massachusetts! Coakley or Brown?

        Jon Stewart on Keith Olbermann...

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        • Re: Hey Massachusetts! Coakley or Brown?

          Originally posted by leswp1 View Post
          Other than that you may continue to project what you want about what I think and why I think it if it makes you feel superior. I am always happy to learn that things about myself that I never knew, that I thought things I never considered. Very enlightening.
          ummm, whatever that's supposed to mean...

          Originally posted by ScoobyDoo View Post
          No one cares how expensive it is, they only care how expensive their taxes are. Best bet to get Health Care under control is to get the government completely out of it, the emergency room problem is minor.
          Wow, Scoobs! Did I just read that right? I think I need an eye exam.

          Originally posted by Shirtless Guy View Post
          The big thing that needs to happen is tort reform so we can reduce malpractice insurance, and get back at least some of what was lost th drdemento mentions.
          To not include tort reform in a health care debate is a travesty. We'd have a much better picture of what we're dealing with if we took the ambulance chasers to the dumpster...

          Originally posted by leswp1 View Post
          I did those and rounded nursing homes. Can't afford to do those now. Stopped 10 yrs ago when they were reimbursing 12$ for a visit. Lost about 80% of what I could make in the office for every hour I was gone.
          Not to keep pinging on you, but there's a point to be made here. You're talking about reducing services because those services weren't as profitable for you as others.

          That highlights my problem with people complaining about big business. You operate the same way they do. Making decisions based on money and financial considerations is fine with everyone if it's a personal or small-business based decision. But when "big business" makes the same type of decisions, they're considered evil. I'm not employed by a big business, nor am I wealthy - but I still resent the hypocrisy.

          Originally posted by goldy_331 View Post
          After the discussion of Oberman's comments on here, I watched a little of him the other night. I don't watch much of the cable news networks, unless there is a big breaking story. And I don't watch their opinion shows. I expected Oberman to be like Hannity, only on the left. Wow, what a fruit loop! That guy makes Hannity look like a rational centrist by comparison. He's more like a lefty version of Michael Savage - totally over the top. At least based on the little bit I've watched.
          I'm solidly conservative, and Michael Savage disgusts me. That is a very, very good comparison.

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          • Re: Hey Massachusetts! Coakley or Brown?

            Keith Olberman is a giant ***hat. I'm not sure this was news.
            Jon Stewart is awesome. Also not news.
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