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Monday Night Fight Night

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  • The Sicatoka
    Re: Monday Night Fight Night

    An example scorecard ... "Turd Sandwich v. Giant ******"

    Round 1 (Lunchroom): TS 10, GD 8 -- TS got in a strong shot about GD having been overheard saying they like the hot tuna casserole. <-- SUPERDELEGATE round

    Round 2 (Playground): GD 10, TS 9 -- Close round, GD wins by the extra mention of TS being a dodgeball sissy.

    etc, etc, etc, ...

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  • The Sicatoka
    started a topic Monday Night Fight Night

    Monday Night Fight Night

    < cue Michael Buffer >

    Good evening political fight fans!

    Ever wish you could do more than just watch the verbal sparring and the physical gesturing? Well, here's your chance. Welcome to ...

    Monday Night Fight Night!

    Tonight's format is six fifteen-minute rounds. Scoring is ten point must.

    Due to the even number of rounds you will be allowed to cast one round as your "superdelegate" round meaning it will be counted twice in the final scoring (net effective seven rounds). This will prevent a draw.

    I know the ten point must scoring link defines scoring as:
    • Clean punching
    • Effective aggressiveness
    • Ring generalship
    • Defense

    However, this is politics. "Punching" need not be clean to be effective thus it counts toward scoring.

    Otherwise, post your final scorecard with notes here. (You can do it live, with edits, or once after the combatants are sent back to their dressing rooms.)