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2016 Academy Awards - 2/28/2016

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    Re: 2016 Academy Awards - 2/28/2016

    Originally posted by ExileOnDaytonStreet View Post
    BTW, none of Leo's Oscar losses are really all that bad.

    Supporting Actor for What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Lost to Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive.

    Best Actor for The Aviator, Blood Diamond and Wolf of Wall Street? Jaimie Foxx in Ray, Forest Whitaker for Last King of Scotland and Matthew McCaughnanotspellingitright for Dallas Buyers Club, respectively. None of those are really losses one could complain about. Really you have more of a case for him being snubbed by not being nominated for some of his other Scorsese movies or Catch Me If You Can (granted, I have yet to double check who won those years) than you do saying he should've won one before now.
    Here is an interesting analysis of the argument that he deserved it:


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      Re: 2016 Academy Awards - 2/28/2016

      Didn't really have any skin in the game. Very disappointed Lady Gaga didn't win though. She clearly should have. Big old people snub there.
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        Re: 2016 Academy Awards - 2/28/2016

        Originally posted by dxmnkd316 View Post
        Didn't see the American version. The Swedish version was absolute ****. It completely changed the ending, which was the most important part of the book. They also changed a number of incredibly important details. Things that altered fundamental details and relationships.
        Yep, agree completely.

        Also, I don't see Leo winning as "the Academy throwing him a bone". Leo's performance in The Revenant was very, very good. It was definitely an Oscar worthy performance.
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          Re: 2016 Academy Awards - 2/28/2016

          IIRC, the details of the ending were presented 3 different ways (book, Swedish, American). All had major components in who the missing girl was. It's been a while (and many movies/books inbetween), so correct me if I'm wrong. The end result was the same, but how they got there were the differences.

          Anyway, starting the 2015 Oscar run with Bridge Of Spies tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
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