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The List for Week of January 11, 2010

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  • The List for Week of January 11, 2010

    Finally a sweep, Anti-List. Against Harvard, but a sweep no less.

    Coming back from down 5-1 in the 3rd puts the Wild on the Anti-List.

    Temps shooting all the way up to the 30s this week? Anti-List.

    Night meetings, Listed.

    Lingering sickness that just won't go away, List.

    Fantasy golf starts this week, Anti-List.

    And finally, the Packers coming oh so close to pulling it off only to fumble it all away, LIST.

    Have a good week folks.
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    I don't think you're weird, just a completely worthless sack of monkey poo.
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    I am saying it right here. ajoyce is the HA guru.

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    Re: The List for Week of January 11, 2010

    01-11-10 palindrome

    Ravens anti-list

    Michigan hockey winning 2 games anti-list

    My job and co-workers list

    Being employed anti-list
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    wT, your wisdom is as boundless as the volume of your cheering.

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      Re: The List for Week of January 11, 2010

      Yet another zero-point weekend = List.

      Not having scored a WCHA point since November 13, 2009 against tUMD = List.

      Finding some good deals on apartments in Anchorage = Anti-List.
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        Re: The List for Week of January 11, 2010

        Just finding out a close co-worker passed last evening: List.

        Originally posted by moe24
        Thread over... REDRocket wins!!!