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Making a Murderer (spoilers expected) did Steven Avery do it?

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  • I'm not sure what to make of this. If the 7th circuit later rules that Dassey's confession may stand what options are left for him?

    At this point I'm wondering about the end game for both guys... Dassey's confession and Kratz's unethical press conference sealed Avery's fate with the public and possibly the jurists. Yes, it wasn't used in trial bs Avery but it was ALL over the news.

    Could we have a situation where the 7th circuit upholds the State's argument v Dassey but then Zellner's new tests prove planted evidence vs Avery and get him exonerated. At that point how could the state continue to imprison Dassey?

    So ironically we could have a forced confession by Dassey bolster the case vs Avery, then science could free Avery and by extension must allow even the staunchest "law and order" conservative to acknowledge if Avery didn't do it, Dassey didn't either.
    Long story short, Zellner may end up getting both guys out based on science/facts.

    At that point the state will have A LOT to answer for.
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    • Re: Making a Murderer (spoilers expected) did Steven Avery do it?

      I dont think the 7th Circuit will rule that way...but if they do then I would think next step is to petition the SC.
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