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    Re: VE Day 70 years afer

    Originally posted by MadTownSioux View Post
    70 years ago today, my dad was recuperating from shrapnel wounds suffered in Operation Varsity after glidering in to Germany across the Rhine. He was also getting ready to ship out to the West Coast to get on a ship to prepare for the invasion of Mainland Japan.

    Here's to all of the WW2 vets, and for the few remaining who are still alive. Dad is 93, and doing well.

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    Glad for you. This is the first VE day for my family without my grandfather who died in February at 96 years old. Very understated about his service like a lot of people of that generation. He answered the call and did what he needed to do and that was all.
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      Re: VE Day 70 years afer

      The only time that someone I knew was a vet of a war (a friend's dad; Army Ranger in 'Nam) EVER talked about the was sleep talking. And it freaked the SH* out of my friends and I. It was just snippets here and there, not full statements, but that was enough.

      Edit: Just remembered one other case. A friend came back for a mutual friend's wedding, direct from Afghanistan. Lost of a couple of his squad the week before. He knew me and the groom, and that's about it, so that is who he stayed by the whole time. Too nervous around people he didn't know. Told a couple of stories.
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        Re: VE Day 70 years afer

        Last summer, I was sitting at a table making small talk with my girlfriend's uncle. I saw his baseball hat said WWII veteran and being a history buff I asked where he was involved. Almost nonchalantly, he said "first wave, Iwo Jima, I was a squad leader for some mortars." We chatted for about 15 minutes as I listened way more than spoke. Afterwards, my girlfriend said "Uncle John has NEVER talked about the war before to anyone. I never knew."

        It was pretty amazing.
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