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    Re: Directv question

    The DTV referral program is still in effect.

    Starting January 17, DTV will offer 7 channels of coverage of the Australian Open.
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      Re: Directv question

      DirecTv is changing their pricing starting Feb 9th.

      I think for me my new price is going to be $2.00 more than current.

      New Base Package prices:

      Choice, $58.99
      Choice XTRA, $63.99
      Jadeworld, $39.99
      Lo Maximo, $114.99
      Optimo Mas, $47.99
      Preferred Choice, $38.99
      Premier, $114.99
      Total Choice Mobile, $63.99
      (anything without locals is -$3.00)

      Legacy Package prices:
      Can't buy these anymore, but if you already have them you will be able to keep them.

      Basic, $15.99
      Basico, $35.99
      Directv Limited, $27.99
      Familiar, $51.99
      Familiar Ultra, $60.99
      Opcion Especial, $35.99
      Opcion Extra Especial, $52.99
      Opcion Premier, $108.99
      Opcion Ultra Especial, $54.99
      Optimo Mas Plus DVR, $53.99
      Plus Directv, $36.99
      Plus DVR, $69.99
      Plus HD DVR, $79.99
      Select Choice, $41.99
      Total Choice, $57.49
      Total Choice Limited, $48.99
      Total Choice Plus, $61.49
      (Select +$3.00)

      Other Price Changes:
      Directv DVR, $7.00
      RussianDirect II, $39.99
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