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    Re: Router recommendations?

    Originally posted by theprofromdover View Post
    LOL! My first thought was that Scarlet did woodworking.
    Perhaps she does.... That's none of your dam business though!

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      Re: Router recommendations?

      Originally posted by Scarlet View Post
      It's not the modem lights - sorry if I made it seem that way. It's the lights on the router itself. They're usually all green. Now one of them is orange when I hook up the ethernet cable from the modem to the router.
      Does it work anyway?

      You should be able to open a web page on the Router and do some diagnostic tests through the modem to the Interwebs. Look for a ping or traceroute utility and point the router to a common web site.

      The orange vs. green could be a speed indicator and not indicative of a problem. If your PC plugs into your orange router port and goes green, check to see if it is connected at 1Gig. Then check if the router connects to the modem with only 100MB. There is no reason for a cable modem to need a 1Gig connection to your LAN when it has only a several meg connection out to the Cable Co. Similarly you can plug your PC into the cable modem and figure out if it is limited to a 100MB port.

      The tech support call is par for the course. Depending on how they run their call center, it may cost the company around $25 to take the call, so $35 for a trouble ticket isn't too bad.


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        Re: Router recommendations?

        I use linksys (cisco). I think it cost $45 works pretty good.

        I would never pay $35 for a tech support... they should pay me to call them. #@$@

        Looks like this guy is saying the orange light means you're connecting at 10mb instead of 100m makes sense if you can still connect to it.
        All the ports are 10/100. When you have an orange light it is communicating at 10 and when it is green, it is communicating at 100.

        On the computer that has the orange light, go to the properties of your local connection. Click on configure, then the advanced tab, make sure that link speed and duplex is set to Auto Detect.


        this will access your router if it's working.

        # Open Internet Explorer (with the computer connected to the Router)
        # Enter into the Address Bar, push Enter
        # If does not appear to work, try
        # Under the Username field enter “admin”
        # Under the password field enter “password”
        # Click “OK”

        Hmm I think I need to change my router security feature I think my IP address is at default

        # On the desktop goto “START” >>> “RUN”, type “cmd” under the Open field, and click “OK”
        # Type “ipconfig” into the black screen and push “Enter”
        # Your IP Address should now begin with, if this is NOT the case go back to Step 1 and try again.


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          Re: Router recommendations?

          Scarlet, I had this same exact problem. The problem was that I had my router on top of my modem. Somehow the modem and wireless router didn't play well together and when I separated them by about 3 feet, they worked perfectly. Might not work for you, but I suppose it's the cheapest option!
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            Re: Router recommendations?

            My router was working fine where it was. I was online most of the day Sunday and about 6pm, I started having trouble with websites loading. So, whatever happened, just happened. I didn't do anything, didn't move it, did nothing different or out of the ordinary. And $35 to answer one question is way too much for my time and aggravation. If it was a service call to my house, different story. So, I went to Best Buy and bought a linksys. I was actually able to set it up all by myself!


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              Re: Router recommendations?

              I have a cheap Belkin G router. Might have been called "G+" or some such marketing ploy.

              Anyway, it's not even N, but it's fast enough for my broadband connection, and I don't really have a home network. I just use it for wireless internet. Works perfectly for me.

              If I had to do it again, I'd spend $20-30 and buy it again. Rather than pay extra, I'd use "spare" money to pay down principal on a car loan or credit card.
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                Re: Router recommendations?

                I don't think N is worth the money unless you're a gamer. Skip 802.11n and wait for 802.11s
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