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Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

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  • Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

    Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

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    Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

    Happy Birthday!

    Let's Go 'Tute!

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      Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

      Have a great BD, you old carrion feeder!
      "This world is your world. Take it easy, but take it." - Woody Guthrie


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        Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

        Happy *ing Birthday!
        Originally posted by Skeeterman
        Lady Wore Black is a hottie.
        "I love hockey, it is such a great sport. I love how the outfielders use their baseball bats to hit the ball across the ice field, pass the punter for nothing but net shot from downtown." - Unknown

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          Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

          Happy birthday!
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            Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

            Happy birthday.
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              Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

              a legend and an out of work bum look a lot alike, daddy.


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                Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

                Happy. Birthday.
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                  Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

                  Can Greyeagle actually get older?

                  Happy b-day, I suppose, old man. Enjoy now because there can't be many left.
                  "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." George Orwell, 1984

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                    Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

                    I think.

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                    Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord

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                      Re: Happy Birthday Greyeagle!!

                      Been awhile since we've interacted, but hope you had a great birthday!
                      Originally posted by Priceless
                      Good to see you're so reasonable.
                      Originally posted by ScoobyDoo
                      Very well, said.
                      Originally posted by Rover
                      A fair assessment Bob.