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Costa Concordia salvage, she is being righted live

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  • Costa Concordia salvage, she is being righted live

    I'm sure there have to be naval and salvage people out there who may be interested in this. Recall the Costa Concordia was the cruise ship that was grounded off the coast of Giglio Island after the captain did a bonehead move.

    After a LONG time of prep, to build an impressive platform, and cranes, etc, they are now righting her- should be most of the day of 9/16. You can see live action- but be aware that it's like watching the hour hand move- hard to tell at that moment, but look every once in a while, you can see it move.

    It's a massive engineering effort to get her off the coast and to a scrapper. The biggest risk is right now- whether the reef is holding on enough that the structre gets pulled apart, and she just comes apart at the seams. There are a lot of other risks, sure- but that's the biggest one. Once righted, rescue divers will try to find the last two missing bodies.

    Lots more repair needed to float her and move to a salvage port.

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    Re: Costa Concordia salvage, she is being righted live

    Was big news until numbnut decided to shoot and kill a few folks @ the Washington Navy Yard.
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