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  • Playing for Charity

    Let's say that you were a celebrity on a game show. As is typical with celebrity appearances on game shows, the prize money that is earned goes to charity. Who would you play for?

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    Re: Playing for Charity

    St. Jude.
    **NOTE: The misleading post above was brought to you by Reynold's Wrap and American Steeples, makers of Crosses.

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      Re: Playing for Charity

      Make a Wish

      What they do for sick kids and their families is such a great thing.


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        Re: Playing for Charity

        Jimmy Fund
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          Re: Playing for Charity

          Oshie Sports Foundation
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            Re: Playing for Charity

            American Kidney Fund. I personally owe the organization big time...and it's a great organization providing life sustaining assistance to countless individuals and their families.
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              Re: Playing for Charity

              Child's Play.

              It may seem a bit unimportant to have toys in a Children's Hospital but having had a child in one, it is very important.
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                Re: Playing for Charity


                The $89 million raised by Penn State students since 1977 far outweighs the damage done by the scandal.
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                  Re: Playing for Charity

                  Brain Cancer Research. Mom died of it, and a Type 4 tumor diagnosis is a sure death sentence.
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