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The Official 2012 Wildfire Season Thread

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  • The Official 2012 Wildfire Season Thread

    Well, since the Waldo Canyon Fire is burning not far from where Mrs. P and I used to live, I figured it's time to add a thread. The west could sure use some of the rain from Tropical Storm Deb.

    Downtown Colorado Springs is under a lot of smoke.


    My friends in Woodland Park have not had to evac -- yet. In fact, their wine and gift shop is still open for business.

    We're just nine days away from the 18th anniversary of the death of 14 wildland firefighters in the South Canyon (Storm King) Fire in Glenwood Springs.

    My wife and I the week prior had just moved to the Springs from Toronto. We were shopping in downtown Glenwood and came out of a store as the fire was erupting. The sky to the west of town appeared to be on fire.

    Thoughts and prayers to everyone in the danger zones.

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    Re: The Official 2012 Wildfire Season Thread

    My girlfriend is out in Montana doing some geology field work, and they had a small wildfire about a mile from camp last night, luckily it was pretty small, and only burned for about half a day, and it is out now. They were told to pack up as fast as possible, and to expect to be evacuated last night, but it never came to that.
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      Re: The Official 2012 Wildfire Season Thread

      Karlstad, MN

      A friend of mine from Grand Forks currently lives there with her fiance. She watched her house burn down today. Luckily, everyone got out, and she was able to save a few things for her wedding, which is in a week.

      EDIT: For those who don't know, Karlstad is in the NW corner of MN, close to the ND and Candian borders...
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