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    ugh. what can I say, Beastie Boys are (and should be) regarded as one of the seminal bands of the 80's-90's. Easily as influential as Sonic Youth or Nirvana, or Husker Du. And Adam Yauch, especially with his activism (tibet), left a mark on this world that won't be forgotten.

    his passing was a huge jolt (I didn't realize his cancer was terminal) to the system yesterday. It once again reminded me how powerful art can be, where someone you've never met passes away and you feel like you've lost someone you've known your entire life.

    Salut MCA, you made millions of people very happy
    Everything in its right place, Wisconsin Hockey National Champs!

    "but you're not as confused as him are you. it's not your job to be as confused as Nigel". Tap pt 1.

    "I think it's ****ing stock. What--? Which part of that is unclear to you? I think it sounds stock to my ears. I mean, do you want me to write it down?" Tap Pt. 2

    Who???! So What!!!! Big Deal!!!!