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  • Dumb-&-Dumber

    WISCONSIN HOCKEY: I invoke the power of sauerbraten FF-2006 Milwaukee!

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    Re: Dumb-&-Dumber

    Not as good as the original.
    **NOTE: The misleading post above was brought to you by Reynold's Wrap and American Steeples, makers of Crosses.

    Originally Posted by dropthatpuck-Scooby's a lost cause.
    Originally Posted by First Time, Long Time-Always knew you were nothing but a troll.


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      Re: Dumb-&-Dumber

      I thought this was about Hokiedope and Old Pio.
      Originally posted by mookie1995
      bc is superior to bu in nearly everything. while it is sad that it has come to it, it's the truth. if bu doesn't like it, improve.
      Rep from Hokydad -"and your an old never been piece of ****"

      Originally Posted by Dirty
      Why is anyone surprised that Old Pio is acting like a grumpy old f^ck? He is a grumpy old f^ck.


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        Re: Dumb-&-Dumber

        Your thread sucks.

        Cornell '04, Stanford '06


        Rover Frenchy, Classic! Great post.
        iwh30 I wish I could be as smart as you. I really do you are the man
        gregg729 I just saw your sig, you do love having people revel in your "intelligence."
        Ritt18 you are the perfect representation of your alma mater.
        Miss Thundercat That's it, you win.
        TBA#2 I want to kill you and dance in your blood.
        DisplacedCornellian Hahaha. Thread over. Frenchy wins.

        Test to see if I can add this.


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          Re: Dumb-&-Dumber

          thanks for elevating the debate ....
          Originally posted by mtu_huskies
          "We are not too far away from a national championship," said (John) Scott.
          Boosh Factor 4

          Originally posted by Brent Hoven
          Yeah, but you're my favorite hag.