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Lettering Kits for NHL Jerseys

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  • Lettering Kits for NHL Jerseys

    Has anyone ever done something like this before and ordered a lettering kit for a blank jersey they had of some team?

    I bought a blank Islanders home jersey for one of my friends from school for $20 and I want to get Tavares and 91 for the lettering.

    Is this something I could look for on Ebay or will sports equipement or embroidering places be able to do something like this?

    I want it to look as real as possible and not some half arsed job and was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this or could provide some insight.

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    Re: Lettering Kits for NHL Jerseys

    Do your friend a favor and save him the embarrassment of wearing an Islanders jersey.

    But seriously, take it to a store and get it done professionally.
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