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Need help with SATA to USB adapter (PC)

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  • Need help with SATA to USB adapter (PC)

    Bought this - - assuming it was straightforward like this - (which works well until it breaks which it does quite easily thus looking for a different brand). Instead it has all these cables none of which look like they plug into a SATA drive or even into the main piece of the adaptor. My passport drive came up unreadable/corrupted when I got home tonight which means I can't get to 5 games including most of the 2 I shot today (hadn't completely uploaded Harvard from my cards). I've had passports quit working in the past due to connector (can't remember if I got that message) so I wanted to break it apart and plug it into an adaptor, but don't want to wait until I get the Bytecc one.

    If anyone has used the Vantec version before, could you explain it to me (assume I am really really dumb as I am really really dumb) so I can use it to retrieve the Harvard senior images w/o having to wait?


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