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Livin' Large: Living With A College Basketball Player

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  • Livin' Large: Living With A College Basketball Player

    Below is one of the top things I've read lately, even though it comes from an internet basketball blog. If you love sports, love(d) college, or both, you should definitely read this. It's a true story, one of a kid from a small town in the Midwest who in the 1990s ended up rooming with a D1 basketball player.

    Over the past couple days I've spent hours reading this story instead of doing something productive.

    WARNING: Make sure you have free time, or don't care about wasting time. Spoilers are at the bottom.

    Basketbawful: Livin' Large parts 1-23 (follow the links at the bottom)
    Basketbawful: Livin' Large part 24
    Basketbawful: Livin' Large parts 25-epilogue

    School- Purdue
    Player- Mat ten Dam
    Future NBA all-star- Glenn Robinson
    Coach- Gene Keady
    Go Green! Go White! Go State!

    1966, 1986, 2007

    Go Tigers, Go Packers, Go Red Wings, Go Pistons