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Happy 2012!

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  • Happy 2012!

    Best wishes to everyone else in Cafe for a happy and prosperous new year.
    Northeastern Huskies Class of 1998 / BS Chemical Engineering
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    But then again, isn't holding forth on an extreme opinion from a position of complete ignorance what these boards are all about? -- from a BigSoccer post by kerrunch

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    Re: Happy 2012!

    Ditto from Upstate New York!
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      Re: Happy 2012!

      Happy New Year everybody!
      tUMD Hockey

      "And there is a banana running around the DECC." "Well you don't see that every day..."


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        Re: Happy 2012!

        Happy New Year everyone!!!
        Jordan Kawaguchi for Hobey!!
        Originally posted by Quizmire
        mns, this is why i love you.

        Originally posted by Markt
        MNS - forking genius.

        Originally posted by asterisk hat
        MNS - sometimes you gotta answer your true calling. I think yours is being a pimp.

        Originally posted by hockeybando
        I am a fan of MNS.


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          Re: Happy 2012!

          Team Alaska Time checking in to 2012.
          Michigan Tech Huskies Pep Band: There's No Use Trying To Talk. No Human Sound Can Stand Up To This. Loud Enough To Knock You Down.


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            Re: Happy 2012!

            Suck it, 2011.
            If you want to be a BADGER, just come along with me


            At his graduation ceremony from the U of Minnesota, my cousin got a keychain. When asked what UW gave her for graduation, my sister said, "A degree from a University that matters."

            Canned music is a pathetic waste of your time.


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              Re: Happy 2012!

              Happy New Year!

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