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  • Beer Pong Horn
    Re: CyberFriday

    I passed on a TCL brand 24" 1080p HDTV earlier today on Amazon (they also make Thomson and RCA-branded TVs.) $169 is a decent price, but I suspect it'll come up again somewhere if I have regrets about not buying it.

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  • rufus
    started a topic CyberFriday


    Trollig the DVDs at Amazon, and this is what I've seen interesting so far.

    The West Wing Complete Series $89.99
    Friends Complete set $89.99. Not really interested, but a killer discount from MSRP.
    Burn Notice seasons for $17
    Spartacus: Blood and Sand $18.49 Gods of the Arena $17
    The Wire Complete Series $94.99. That's what two of the seasons cost me when they first came out.
    Six Feet Under Complete series $67.99
    The Tudors complete set $47.49
    You can get both Gettysburg and Gods and Generals for less than $8.
    Peter Jackson's King Kong extended version $6
    MacGyver Complete series $44.99
    Generation Kill $17.99
    Rescue Me season sets for $10.50
    24 season sets for $15.50
    V(original) complete series $9.49
    Nip/Tuck complete series $69.99
    The Shield season sets $10.49
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