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  • Powerline Ethernet

    Is anyone using powerline ethernet at home? I am considering using it to hook up a network printer and also for streaming Netflix to a laptop and/or the TV. Reviews seem to be solid, but you never know who is writing these 'customer' reviews.

    Also, if my ISP's speed into the house is 10 Mbps, is there any reason to go go with powerline ethernet over 85 Mbps? I have seen up to 200 Mbps advertised, though they seem harder to come by. I am not gaming or sharing large files within the home network.

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    Re: Powerline Ethernet

    Powerline Ethernet works fine, but it's really nothing more then a lazy man's short cut to actually bothering to run Ethernet cable (i.e. cat5e or cat6) where ever you need it. Do your wallet a favor and just run the regular network cabling anywhere you need it or get a decent wireless access point... both ways are faster then powerline.
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      Re: Powerline Ethernet

      we ran a media network just fine on 10 mbs lines. anything more would likely be overkill for you
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