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Learned a lot about FF ticket resales this year. Read to be better informed.

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  • Learned a lot about FF ticket resales this year. Read to be better informed.

    This forum is an excellent place to get tickets at cost, so you buyers out there are looking in the right place. For someone who wants to quickly get tickets off their hand it could be too. However, the NCAA has a ticket resale program in effect for those wanting to sell officially through Ticketmaster. That is the only legal, according to the NCAA, option available to resell at a profit. I could not find anyone able to attend the semifinals, so I decided to give it a try for just the Thursday games. Once hitting the sell button, they give you advice on setting the price but reviewing what other tickets are going for told me to go even higher. I had excellent seats in the balcony on the side in the 4th row. I put them in for much less than people selling 7 rows higher. My tickets sold in under 5 hours so I know I could have asked for even more. What surprised me was seeing my seats on the Market for about $175 including fees on Ticketmaster and my same seats also showed up on stub hub for $225. My price was about $153, and I will take $137.50 for each in the end. So, there is a sales fee and a seller fee. Thought this might be of interest to others. I am sure that as the games get closer these prices will come down so not being greedy in the beginning may be the best policy for all.

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    I thought selling just one seat would be an issue, so when I wasn't getting any bites here, I put them up on Ticketmaster. They sold in 90 minutes.

    Granted I priced them just a tick above face value (in order for the seller fee they take out would not dig into getting the money I paid for them back in full). But still, it was darn quick. If you're not greedy, the Ticketmaster reseller option should work.
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