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    I'm a priority group A and therefore eligible to purchase tickets today. Clicked on the link provided in the email. Server error...404 - file or directory not found. Called the 800 number provided on the email. On hold..just getting ready to hang up and she answers. Gives me another website address. It's ticketmaster so you have to log into your account. Okay, now they are requiring me to update my password. Did that...check your email account for a code and enter the code here. Did that. Enter your phone #...enter the code we just sent to your phone. Did that... Now I'm lucky enough to sign in. Very Very limited seating in the upper section, Center ice...nothing I could see in the first 10 or so rows. Lower level...very few seats on the sides, somewhat better availability behind the goals but nothing I would expect being a Priority A. I'm done. Been going to Frozen Fours since 1992. I'll watch on TV in the future.