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UNH/BC November 6th: 2 reserved seats available

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  • UNH/BC November 6th: 2 reserved seats available

    Much like the thread title suggests, I have two reserved seats for UNH/BC on 11/6. They are made right here in the United States of America of the finest quality materials. Tickets are blue and white with black print, and are fully recyclable. The tickets are located along the ramp where UNH enters and exits (on the side with the seat backs). Imagine your excitement as you see Bobby Butler blow a snot rocket on his way off the ice, and then get the chance to yell and make weird hand gestures in the background during NESN's interviews.

    I do have one request of potential buyers: if you are the type of enthusiastic fan who likes to yell, "*** you, ref! You and your mother can go **** a **** in the **** and eat donkey ****, you *** ********* licking ****** with a **** in the *****! I HOPE YOU CATCH AIDS AND DIE, ****!!!!!!" I would ask that you sit elsewhere - there are nice little kids who sit in front of me every week, and I don't want anything to do with corrupting them.

    I'm selling the tickets for face value less the facility fee ($50 for the pair). Don't miss your chance to own this piece of hockey history. If you buy today, you may* receive a free additional gift. Operators are standing by.

    markd2st at gmail dot com

    *or may not