Of the four scalp sites I investigated, three add an additional charge per ticket of $110 to $120...that's in addition to the outrageous prices posted. The three sites represent 155 tickets.

On the other site, S***H**, where the shipping appears to be the only additional cost, 175 grossly overpriced tickets remain unsold.

That's a total of 330 outrageously overpriced and, more importantly, UNSOLD tickets!

So as the prices go down between now and Tuesday, the last day for most of us to order with next day delivery, we need to stay together and purchase only for face value plus a reasonable delivery cost of around $10.

By Tuesday, I have a hunch that prices will be even under $195 if we stick to our guns. Anyone who breaks down and pays too much will hurt the group's chances of an early solution to this fleecing.

Have a great weekend and congratulations to the four best hockey programs in the country this year!