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  • Pucks and Paws - RIT Hockey Data Visualizations, Advanced Stats, Memes, and More

    What is Pucks and Paws
    Pucks and Paws is a project that I have been back and forth on building since attending RIT in the mid-2010s. Now that I finally have the bandwidth, resources, and skills that were necessary to accomplish what I want to accomplish with the site, I have decided to launch.

    The site primarily focuses on data visualizations, advanced stats, analysis, and other coverage of RIT Hockey (both the men's and women's programs) including game previews and recaps, and other related stories and information.

    Pucks and Paws is also home to my Atlantic Hockey prediction model, Pucks and Probabilities (sick name, I know). Explaining the model and how it works is an entire post worth of information, which you can find here along with a link to the model itself.

    What to Expect
    Game Previews & Recaps
    The current plan is to do this on a weekly basis. Previews for both the men's and women's teams will go up before their weekend series, or if they are playing a mid-week game, before their first game of that week is played. Recaps will be published after all of the team's games for a given week are concluded.

    Charts, Graphs, and Vizzes
    Right now I plan to update all of the vizzes that are currently available each week after all of the games have been completed. Some will be used in supporting other articles and projects.

    Pucks and Probabilities
    The men's version will be updated after every game that is played so the new data can be used in evaluating the next game. For example, data will be added after the Friday night game to be used in the projection for the Saturday night game. The model will be fine tuned throughout the season to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

    I am currently working on developing a version for the women's team and CHA, however the availability of data and accuracy of the predictions has prevented me from moving it along faster.

    These will be published 24/7 365. Whenever I have something to share, I will. You can find all of Pucks and Paws memes here.

    How to Connect
    The Site
    Everything associated with Pucks and Paws will be posted on the site here.

    Tableau Public
    If you're looking for a direct way to check out all of the visualizations that have been made you can check out the Pucks and Paws Tableau Public profile.

    Social Accounts.
    If you're interested in following what is happening with RIT Hockey and Pucks and Paws, the links below will take you to the official social accounts that I run for the site. Other than these you can connect with me on LinkedIn.
    Facebook: This is the social hub for the website. Everything that gets written or created will be shared here. Almost all communication I do through official channels will be done here.
    Twitter: Used mostly for live tweeting games and occasionally sharing things that are published on the site.
    Instagram: Almost exclusively used after the fact for sharing memes that have already been shared on other mediums.