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    Originally posted by Scott_TG View Post

    Yes, I'm sure it's the middle school girls choosing not to play, not the Fox-pilled parents pulling them out trying to make the news.

    I noticed you side-stepped my earlier question about where you stand on other issues that actually affect the rights of women and girls in the US, as opposed to this red herring issue the right-wing media is obsessed over? Is it because you are like every other conservative who doesn't care about women until they can use them as their cudgel? We saw it in the south with lynchings of black people like Emmett Till and we see it today with those ginning up hatred against the LGBTQ community.

    I can't wait until Fox moves on and you lot move on to whatever they tell you to be mad about next.
    How did a thread about girls hockey get so far off base? Oh yeah, because you decided that you didn't like what another poster (rightnut) said and decided to interject your bias into it. Just his moniker must trigger you. Cheese and rice! You are attacking a supporter of women's college, one of the mythical 17 no less. Just stop.
    At the outset, we could hang with the dude...


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      Originally posted by Rightnut View Post

      I don't get it. You act like a supporter of women's sports yet are willing to sacrifice them to get social currency in whatever circle you travel in. You act like protecting women's sports is akin to the Holocaust or Jim Crow. It's not. It's not targeting trans or preventing trans from doing anything. They can do their sports in some other arena. And women's sports is not related to any other social issue you try to bring up. The vast majority of the country, red, blue, liberal or conservative, believe that women's sports and women's spaces should be protected. Even that bastion of liberality, Bill Maher, has recently stated the same on his show. He points out it's only the crazy left fringe that doesn't agree. Maybe you are there. I don't care. You can spout MSNBC platitudes or whatever. I don't care what trans do. They can wear dresses or whatever. Adults can do what they want. No one is trying to stop them. But that doesn't give them the right to play women's sports or go into women's locker rooms because they feel like a woman.

      I think the people on this board are sick and tired of our discussion so this is my last post on this thread so it stops moving to the top of the discussion list. Have a nice day. I do appreciate your work on the D3 side of things. Sorry we don't agree on this.
      You and others keep saying I was the one who made it political, I reiterate that I only unloaded after you made a political jab and then replied to my request to keep politics in the Cafe part of the forum in the manner you did by playing dumb. I don't enjoy discussing politics with strangers but I'm also not one to back down.

      My final piece on this is that if culturally it was only about the place of trans people in sports, then maybe a good faith conversation could be had. But one only has to look around the country to see the increase in proposed and passed legislation around the country targeting different facets of the right of trans people to exist as they choose and be left alone. I've seen many accounts of trans people being forced out of their livelihoods due to harassment from anti-trans bigots in their community and targeted legislation in their states. And in the current political climate the sports issue does not get to be an isolated thing when it is in fact part of the right wing's attack on all facets of trans people's lives.

      I'm not speaking up because I want to see trans women who were athletes pre-transition take the place of women in women's sports, I speak up because this entire conversation is part of a much larger more dangerous attack on a small minority of people who just want to be left alone. I find it insidious, the right wing politicians and their media arm picked trans people as an easy target because they're such a small minority group its impossible for them to stick up for themselves on their own because they get drowned out by the noise. It's classic scapegoating under Rene Girard's definition. I refuse to sit by as marginal communities are scapegoated as we've seen that play out many times in history.


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        Lyndsey Fry’s next steps on building Youth Hockey in the desert.

        Supposedly the dormant Coyotes will continue to fund youth hockey, but she has bold plans for a foundation in addition to that.

        it’s remarkable what she’s accomplished in the almost ten years of leading the kachinas, with support from the NHL IGF.

        edit: I don’t know how to do links on here anymore, lol. I tried. : )
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          Brittany Howard returning to Pittsburgh to coach girls hockey. I don’t know how you head coach two teams at once, but that is the plan.


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            Originally posted by Lindsay View Post
            I don’t know how you head coach two teams at once, but that is the plan.
            I've seen it done here in some WNY youth organizations. And not just with hockey.
            Russell Jaslow
            [Former] SUNYAC Correspondent
            U.S. College Hockey Online


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              Originally posted by Russell Jaslow View Post

              I've seen it done here in some WNY youth organizations. And not just with hockey.
              Yes it’s done locally here for soccer as well. I understand why and I guess you don’t make it to all the games and that’s that.

              An exciting hire for Pens Elite.


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                This is the fun time of the year when my son and I get to work at the summer hockey camp circuit. Always such a good time hanging out together and seeing what programs are making progress with youth girls hockey! The growth of it over the past few years has really been something to see.