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Which school besides your own do you most want to see win a National Championship?

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  • Which school besides your own do you most want to see win a National Championship?

    For me, keeping it realistic and leaving off Post and Union, the answer is St. Lawrence. As a Clarkson fan, they've felt more like siblings then enemies and I think more fans than usual would agree. I don't think many BC or BU fans are naming each other, for example.

    After that one of the old school powers - New Hampshire or Providence would be cool. Would be nice to see Hockey East get one in general.

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    I agree on St. Lawrence, in part because winning a title isn't a priority to the degree that it is with some programs. Sure, they still compete as hard as others do, but there is more emphasis on players getting a unique college experience. Wells is one of a number of coaches that I'd especially like to see win a title, along with those at programs like Princeton, UMD, and Colgate. Winning a championship is a neat thing, and it would be nice if more programs and fan bases could live that dream.
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      I joke around about bc some, but in truth I stream more of their games than any other women's D1 hockey team so they would be the one. And I kinda feel a lttle bad (but not too much) that the Tunnelers ruined bc's shot at a perfect season. Plus I would genuinely feel good for Grant to finally feel the joy of his squad winning the National title.
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        My honest answer really is "nobody".

        I can talk myself into 'who would I least dislike to see win?'; Northeastern because they were so close in 2021, or maybe Cornell, because they had a really good chance in 2020 before COVID took the chance away, etc. Over the next couple years, also Cornell, because I sat with the mother of their incoming goalie, Annelies Bergmann, during U19s this summer, and we had a wonderful time talking with one another during the week

        But that's choosing the lesser of two evils, so to speak. "Like to see win"? Uhh, no.


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