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Ohio State Buckeyes 2022-2023 ... The Drive For Duluth

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  • Well. I've missed quite a conversation. I've been using the off-season for off-season purposes. Silly me!

    Originally posted by Sierra View Post
    My opinion would be that if one enters another "Teams" fourm, you should be respectful of their "House." One can't be shocked or offended if the fourm of that house responds with strong opinions. I'm obviously a tOSU fanatic and if I venture into the Wisco fourm and began to speak negatively about Coach MJ or the program, I don't believe it would go well for me ... to be expected and understood.
    First, welcome to the thread! It's great to have another Buckeye on board.

    Second, your comment is perceptive & I agree. All of us here tend to forget which thread we're posting on. In defense of everyone, it's a small community and we seek out relevant conversation wherever it can be found. But we should do better in this regard.

    Has there been trolling this time? Not really. Maybe someone has me fooled. But as far as I can tell, everyone who's posted genuinely cares about the transfer portal topic. Trolls don't; their only purpose is to mock.


    • There will be two Dunne's in Columbus this coming season. In addition to Joy Dunne playing for the Buckeyes brother Josh signed with the Blue Jackets. Doesn't hurt to have more connection between the two programs.
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